What is WooCommerce and why choose it?

WooCommerce is a powerful open-source eCommerce plugin, fully customizable, designed for the WordPress platform that has over 73 million downloads and currently dominates a significant portion of the eCommerce industry with a 30% share. If you plan to launch an online store that offers a simple yet effective user experience, your first thought should be to consider WooCommerce. A dynamic platform, which combines powerful e-commerce frameworks and the flexibility of WordPress, is the ideal choice for current online retail owners. The main objective of this platform is to help small and medium enterprises grow in the digital space and it is the first choice of entrepreneurs looking to dive into the eCommerce horizon.

Our WordPress Services:

WordPress development services entail creating and developing web site presentations that have unique design and code written under your requests.

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Unique online stores that actually drive sales. E-commerce solutions based on the WooCommerce plugin carefully tailored to every business.

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A team of experienced WordPress developers in charge of keeping your website up-to-date with trends, new versions, back-up copies and ensuring the stability of your online business.

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From design to a powerful online shop that sells

PSD template conversion to WooCommerce

The first impression and the first few seconds are enough for the website visitor to feel the emotion, the message you want to convey to them, and experience what you have offered. After that, you have just a few moments for them to decide if your site has credibility and slowly start building trust and loyalty to your brand and website. This is very important for everyone, but it is essential for websites where sales and transactions are made. Allow us to through a creative approach and unique design create a winning first impression of a shining website, and that everything from design to functionality, from PSD file to the final e-commerce solution, assists in converting visitors into your satisfied customers.

The most important benefits of a WooCommerce store

  1. Simple and flexible

    The intuitive and simple user interface design allows you to easily add, edit or delete products, their images, descriptions, quantity, price, discount, balance as well as manage orders. You can create product image galleries and publish specifications with the integration of various popular billing systems.

  2. Product variability

    Offer any product variation of different sizes in accordance with standards, colors, fabrics, factory specifications or other relevant variations. Besides, you can display a different image and price for each variation of a product, stock status, and more.

  3. Payment and discounts

    Charge your products or services through payment processors, Stripe, PayPal, WorldPay, credit cards, direct bank transfers, cheques or cash on delivery. The products you sell can be physical or digital, and you can also offer your customers a discount coupon during the promotional period.

  4. Shipping, geolocation, VAT

    Manage the rates the way you want, define a fixed rate or set a specific price for a product. A great advantage of WooCommerce is providing the geolocation of your customer to as precisely as possible calculate shipping and tax rates, and also you can activate the option of free shipping or restrictions on specific locations.

  5. SEO for WooCommerce

    The fact that WordPress is a synonym for an SEO-friendly platform, WooCommerce is the favorite of the SEO community. Choosing WooCommerce makes SEO optimization of your products far easier by offering implemented structural data that, with pre-existing SEO add-ons, that can help you optimize and rank every product or page from your website.

  6. Security and updates

    The development team works closely with security experts like Sucuri to provide the safest possible experience. Security updates are frequent and you can implement them with a single click. By regularly updating your WooCommerce platform and accessories, you can count on a reliable and secure platform where you can grow your digital business.

Reports, analytics, and product tracking through WooCommerce

Analyzing your efforts is key to creating a solid sales plan. Through intuitive and simple built-in analytics and regular reports, you can track sales by date, see what your best-selling products are, access customer information, all of which are represented as a diagram. We will implement Google Analytics to gain additional data and even more accurate analysis. There are also add-ons great for keeping track of your product and order status, and you can also manage inventory.

Simple product import and migration

We can add and update information about your products such as name, short description, regular and sales price using a CSV file, which allows performing a mass update. By using this or any similar method, it is possible to make a transition from another online store and transfer data.

WooCommerce (Hooks): Actions and filters

Advanced WooCommerce development means knowing these terms for the following reasons. Hooks (of which there are two types, actions, and filters) in WordPress allow you to change or add code without changing your core files, which is very useful because it uses only WP features and does not affect essentials files that will be updated over time, but whose editing is not practiced. This way, we can add custom code to different places without disrupting the source code of the platform following the best development practice.

An open-source code, powerful community, and platform that grows together with your business

Documentation, forums, experts and all are available when powerful, completely free, open-source code is managed via GitHub. The company that is the proud creator of this digital store says the product ensures freedom. With our WooCommerce developers, designers, vision, creativity, and freedom, you have all the prerequisites for a successful online business.

Order the creation of a WooCommerce store

We create unique WooCommerce solutions designed just for you. The task ahead is to realize your vision. Consult with your new partner for free. It will be our pleasure.


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