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We build connections with organizations around the world and we work with smart people who think progressively.

Srdjan spaic project management

Pooja Bhardwaj

CEO Makemyvisitingcard.com

A project manager and the go-to person for every employee when they can’t find the way out of the problems, whether they face the issues in management, development, databases, networking, or design. And he is a crying shoulder, too. In his spare time, he gathers the colleagues for a barbeque or a hot pot, and during the weekends he becomes a rock-star at the Brain Drain’s band shows.

kunal bhardwaj digital marketing

Kunal Bhardwaj

Digital Maketing Specialist

When you combine math, precise code, a big smile, and music, you get the person who adorns our development team. She aspires to understand every detail of the coding problem. Give her a good brain sport and he will be completely occupied with it. he also expresses her love of detail through her hobbies, such as interior design, handicrafts, and experimenting in the kitchen. In the evening you will find her having dinner with friends, playing a board game or excitedly following a Formula 1 race. If you want to motivate her, give her wafers, and you will not be mistaken!

web developer


Coding Specialist

A wunderkind with a child’s smile who elegantly captures you in a web of GraviDigital’s services with hypnotizing emails. He is going to offer you one more service along with his charm, and he will get one more order from you. Subconsciously, you would know that anything other than accepting his offer would be a mistake. Always kind, full of energy, and with a smile on his face, he is constantly at your service. Except during the nights, when he is not sleeping, but rather watching an American football match.



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